ADAPT™  Drone Boat
ADAPT™ Aquatic Delivery Autonomous Precision Technology Boat
The ADAPT™ drone boat allows operators to be more efficient with their time and make precise spray applications to areas where they are needed. The ADAPT™ drone boat has enabled applicators to be more profitable by offering precision mapping and more efficient operations in controlling problematic aquatic weeds and algae.

The ADAPT™ drone boat can be operated manually or autonomously. In autonomous mode, the operator creates a predefined track that is stored in the boat’s memory, allowing the boat to run the track automatically when directed by the applicator. An enhanced feature of autonomous mode allows the applicator to set specific waypoints for precise spray applications, reducing the potential of exposure to the aquatic applicator.

The 72-inch-long boat can reach a top speed of 7 mph, with a run time of 4 hours within a 1-mile distance. With a 16-gallon spray tank and on/off feature, the boat can apply herbicides and algaecides to various species quickly and efficiently. The boat is also equipped with several safety features, including a real-time video camera mounted on the bow which transmits a video feed to the applicator on the hand-held controller. Redundant GPS receivers, inertia meters and compasses significantly reduce the possibility of a “fail to run” situation. If there is a low battery or signal loss, the boat will automatically return to the original launch point.

This unmanned pontoon boat can be outfitted with any variety of different payloads. We customize the boat configuration to meet your needs. We also have a hybrid powertrain that allows a small gasoline generator to power the boat, and have developed larger boats for specialty industrial tasks.

Vehicle Type: Dual Pontoon Boat
Endurance: 240 minutes*
Engine type: Dual 55lb trolling motors
Speed controller: Dual 60A motor controller
Overall Length: 78 in (1981 mm)
Width: 50 in (1270 mm)
Height: 46 in (1143 mm)
Empty weight: 240 lbs (109 kg)
Tank Capacity: 16 Gallons
Maximum Payload: 168 lbs** (76 kg)
Energy source: 12V 100 Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Operating distance: 6 miles (10Km)***
Operating cost ($/hr): $1.50/hr****
Manual controller: RC Radio with Android OS and real time video downlink
Groundstation telemetry link: Integrated to handheld controller; RFD 900x optional
Max Speed: 6 MPH ( m/s)
Operating temperature: 20-120 degree F (5-50C)
Enviornmental tolerance: IP54 (dust tight, capable of operation in heavy rain)
Failsafes: Return to Launch (RTL) in case of loss of radio, loss of groundstation. Return to Launch on low battery. LiDAR rangefinder for object avoidance


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The sprayer system uses a collection of valves that allow the operator to fill and drain the tank from the shore using the remote control. The speed of the pump can be controlled, and the pump can be controlled autonomously via the autopilot (using pre programmed GPS flight paths). The boat features a pair of trolling motors that control not only the speed but also the direction of the boat. The trolling motors are mounted on a moving jackplate that allows the motors to be raised and lowered in the water and on the trailer during travel.

A real time high-definition camera mounted on the bow of the boat allows first person video to be transmitted to the controller and the operator on the shore. A miniature, waterproof laser rangefinder provides object detection and avoidance in the front of the boat. The boat runs off a 12v, 100Ah lithium iron phosphate battery. The boat has approximately 4 hours of run time on a single battery when operating in autonomous GPS waypoint mode. The boat also has a ‘loiter’ capability, where the boat will hold position in the water even when disturbed by wind and currents.

The boat is capable of GPS waypoint missions, either with manual control of the pump and valves or autopilot (autonomous) control of the pump and valves. The speed of the spray pump can be varied or turned off entirely at any point in the mission for spot spraying or other applications. There is a small laser rangefinder in the front of the boat that serves as an object detection and object avoidance sensor.